South Australian Ambassadors

Jessie Smith


Location: Aldgate, SA

Discipline: Dressage + Showing

Horses: Northern Storm + Fire Storm

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Premium Blend keeps both of my show horses shining all year round! Knocks years off my 21yr olds appearance.

Emily Hill


Location: One Tree Hill, SA

Discipline: Showing

Horses: Ruby

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Omega-3 PLUS, it keeps my horses looking and feeling amazing with their coat and hooves in tip top shape!

Christina Grear


Location: Blackwood, SA

Discipline: Eventing

Horses: Roger That + Hakuna Matata

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Premium Blend - I've always used it and loved it. My horses coats are fantastic and I know they’re receiving all their correct minerals.

Danni Hampton


Location: Hahndorf, SA

Discipline: Eventing

Horses: Wynara Bronze Medal, Kalinga Nora + Viscount Visage

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Omega-3 PLUS, the horses have just gone next level! They look amazing, their summer coats came brought really fast and the are performing at their best!

Millie Wallace


Location: Nairne, SA

Discipline: Eventing

Horses: Mooki

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Mineral Balancer pellets - my horse loves them, as do I. You wouldn't know he's 16, and his mane and hoof growth is just amazing!

Jeanine Joubert


Location: Mount Compass, SA

Discipline: Eventing + Dressage

Horses: The Golden Rule

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - even from the demands of traveling and competing, my horses are happy and healthy thanks to the correct balance of minerals from EVM!

Kylie Sandford


Location: Evanston Gardens, SA

Discipline: Endurance

Horses: Dallas

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Premium Blend! Dallas holds weight easily, when he's not in work I love that I can still maintain his minimum daily requirements without the unnecessary energy in pellets on rest days.

Tayla Forbes


Location: Cockatoo Valley, SA

Discipline: Eventing, Showing + Dressage

Horses: Illusive Sky, Redwood Rockafella, Beautiful Aurora, Illaroo Angel+ Imperial Zoltan

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Omega-3 PLUS for my competition horses, but I use most of the range to suit each horses individual needs. Each product is important to my teams success!

Tay Schroder


Location: Pages Flat, SA

Discipline: Endurance

Horses: Cherox Alberta

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Premium Blend and Rejuvenate. Endurance is a lot on a horse and having a correct balanced diet is one of the main things to a successful completion. 

Katie Hilton


Location: Evanston Park, SA

Discipline: Eventing, Pony Dressage

Horses: Braimar Mon Ami

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product: Premium Blend and TropiCAL as it keeps his weight under control as being a pony he founders easily and doesn't hot him up and keeps his coat shiny and healthy!

Jessica Searle


Location: Fulham, SA

Discipline: Eventing, Showjumping + Dressage

Horses: Charlie

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

TropiCAL - it gives him everything he needs as he is grazing on high oxalate grass and keeps his coat looking lovely in the process!

Rebeka Probert


Location: Chandlers Hill, SA

Discipline: Showing, Eventing + Showjumping

Horses: El Caballero Alondra

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Grass Blend - with healthy pasture and an extremely good doer, Grass Blend has kept my girl balanced inside and out. Barefoot with strong healthy feet, dapples pop and a glistening shine.

Elycia Scattini


Location: Kuitpo Colony, SA

Discipline: Dressage + Showjumping

Horses: Ruby & Jericho

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend as it keeps both horses happy, healthy and looking their best throughout the year and I know they are getting everything they need in their diets. It also saves me time and money searching through all the premixed feeds out there trying to find the best ones to suit.

Kaitlin Smith


Location: Murray Bridge, SA

Discipline: Showjumping + Eventing

Horses: Ceejay Park Diamond, Lithium + Jock

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Rejuvenate - it's completely eradicated my horses travel scouring and maintained his level headedness.