For the gastric comfort of equines.

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About ReLEAF


What is ReLEAF?

ReLEAF is a blend of ingredients that may assist in reducing the clinical signs of equine gastric ulcers. Contains pure concentrated aloe vera leaf extract and non GMO soybean meal fermented by a specific bacteria strain* to aid in the gastric comfort of equines, especially during periods of stress.


For best results, add ReLEAF to a high fibre, low sugar, low starch diet. Implement horse husbandry practices to minimise environmental stress, including full turn out or constant access to grazing or grass hay.

Directions for Use

Introduce ReLEAF slowly to the feed, beginning with just 5 g/day and gradually build up to:

Horses: 20-40 g/day (1-2 scoops)

Ponies: 10-20 g/day

Foals: 12 g/day

May be doubled at times of high stress for a period of 30 days or in combination with veterinary anti-ulcer medication. Lower use rates may be appropriate for ongoing gastric support.

ReLEAF can be fed in conjunction with Farmalogic Rejuvenate for broader gastric support especially during times of stress.

ReLEAF does not contain any prohibited substances and does not swab. Safe for competition.

*  Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp lactis Rosell 187