New Zealand Ambassadors

Darryll Cole

Location: Waimauku, NZ

Discpline: Dressage + Eventing

Horses: Opulance

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - have seen a huge improvement in their hooves, coat and overall health!

Jackie Giesen

Location: Feilding, NZ

Discipline: Showjumping, Showing + Dressage

Horses: Court Suggesting + Goss Green Mistral

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - love the difference it has made to the hooves and such a shine on their coats!

Maree Lathwell

Location: Riverhead, NZ

Discipline: Pleasure

Horses: Lacey

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Grass Blend - love how my girl shines and how healthy the new hoof growth coming through is!

Tui Gower

Location: Wanganui, NZ

Discipline: Dressage + Showing

Horses: JHT Wheres Wally + Ultimate Affair

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - I am truely grateful for changes I have seen in my horses supplemented with it!

Julia Latham

Location: Invercargill, NZ

Discipline: Dressage + Showing

Horses: Aspen Hills Sabih + Pennbretti Amberlight

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - more top line, shiny coat and more hoof growth. I've just started my retired dressage horse on it and my trainer thinks we should start competing again as he looks so good!

Nicola Essex

Location: Te Kauwhata, NZ

Discipline: Para Dressage

Horses: Craighaven Allanon + Mirako

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend has put a real sheen on the coat of my Clydie/TB X. Since starting on EVM Premium in September 2017 his hooves finally have that natural oily sheen which speaks of good health and wellbeing. Wouldn't be without a great mineral supplement to balance out his diet and EVM provides that perfectly.

Amanda Voice

Location: Ranfurly, NZ

Discipline: Western Performance + Reining

Horses: Kewi Lamborghini + No Visible Clu

Meg Rogers

Location: Ashhurst, NZ

Discipline: Showjumping

Horses: Peti Peti Spitfire, Wellington + Barnstormer

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - my horses stay happy and healthy throughout the competition season and I can use it on my young and older horses for the same excellent result.

Verity Kennard

Location: Invercargill, NZ

Discipline: Breeding

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product

Premium Blend - the horses look an absolute picture. We just love how healthy our horses look now!

Tallulah McIntosh

Location: Wairarapa, NZ

Discipline: Showjumping

Horses: Kaitake Poppy

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend as I find it makes feeding easier as it combines so many of my usual supplements, its got good value for money per serve. I also find that it is very easy to see the results this product can give very quickly!

Sandra Stanford-Soons

Location: Kaukapakapa, NZ

Discipline: Showjumping

Horses: El Vira, Bellhaven Karpe Diem, Little Bijou SAS, Bertram SAS, Lilly Vuitton, Lumira, Vanace Ferrari + Galaxy Special Edition

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend is the best product for our range of horses, from Broodmares and Foals to Competition horses.  I use it for every horse.  The difference in them is like day and night - we couldn't be without it!

Vicky Evans

Location: Turangi, NZ 

Discipline: Western Performance

Horses: Marroan Ranger + VS I love You 

Favourite Equine Vit&Min Product:

Premium Blend - it has all the vitamins and minerals my horses require in one supplement.

Laura Macnab

Location: Hamilton, NZ

Discipline: Showing

Horses: Sir Duke

Rosie Buchanan

Location: Stratford, NZ

Discipline: Racing

Horses: Team at RB Racing

Cherie Jackson

Location: Amberley, NZ

Discipline: Dressage, Eventing, Showjumping + Showing

Horses: Twin Blues Legacy, Twin Blues Valentino, Twin Blues Poetic Justice