Mineral Balancer Pellets

Our grass blend in a palatable lucerne pellet.

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About Mineral Balancer Pellets


What are Mineral Balancer Pellets?

Equine Vit&Min Mineral Balancer Pellets are scientifically formulated to top up your horse’s diet with the vitamins and minerals often missing in a horse’s ration. The concentrated and economical formula goes beyond just providing the minimum recommended daily minimum of each mineral, it balances the mineral ratios across most diets. Each daily serve also provides salt, biotin and Vitamin E in an easy-to-feed and palatable pellet.

  • Organic and inorganic minerals
  • Made with real lucerne
  • Added biotin and Vitamin E
  • No added iron in EVM premix
  • Balances mineral ratios
  • Low NSC/Grain and Soy free

The palatable lucerne pellet can be fed alone to suit horses that don't need a hard feed, including those overweight or prone to laminitis or with metabolic challenges such as IR. The pellets can also be added to a hard feed if required.

Directions for Use

Feed alone or add to a hard feed. Always ensure horses have access to appropriate roughage and clean water. If using a fortified feed reduce amount of Equine Vit&Min Mineral Balancer pellets fed. DO NOT feed more Equine Vit&Min Mineral Balancer pellets than recommended except on advice of veterinarian or nutritionist.

Miniatures...........70 g/day
Ponies...............100 g/day

Galloways.........150 g/day  
Horses..............200 g/day

Who are Mineral Balancer Pellets recommended for?

Pleasure Horses




Pony Club Horses


Spelling & Retired


Fussy Eaters


Horses in light - moderate work


Vitamin and Mineral Analysis (per 200g serve)

CP: 11.5%

DE: 7.3MJ/kg

Starch: 1.6%

Crude Fibre: 11.4%

Crude Fat: 5.9%

Lysine: 0.8g

Calcium: 8.4g

Phosphorus: 3.8g

Magnesium: 12.2g

Copper: 246mg

Zinc: 713mg

Manganese: 309mg

Cobalt: 0.9mg

Chromium: 3.0mg

Iodine: 4.0mg

Selenium: 1.36mg

Vitamin E: 732 IU

Biotin: 10.0mg